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What are the expenses related to physiotherapy and chiropractic care and are they covered by my health insurance?

Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment are integral factors that affect both your health and wellness. These therapies are generally covered for those who have private health care. Our staff will help provide you with all the information required to understand your specific plan and get the care you need.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a primary health care discipline which millions of patients utilize yearly. Chiropractic therapy is non-invasive, which means chiropractors treat patients without the use of drugs or surgery.  By understanding the connection between the neuro-musculo-skeletal system and how this intricate relationship works, chiropractors are able to help patients prevent dysfunction all while promoting optimal wellness.

What education do chiropractors have?

In Canada chiropractors must complete a minimum four to five academic years of full-time study totalling no less than 4,200 hours after completing a minimum of three years of University education. They must also undergo a clinical internship under the direct supervision of highly-qualified chiropractic faculty.

Do I have to see my medical doctor before I see a chiropractor?

No, seeing a medical doctor is not necessary before seeing a chiropractor.  However some private health care insurance providers require a physician’s note in order to reimburse you for your therapy. Our team is more than happy to take an in depth look at your specific situation.

Do athletes use chiropractic services?

Chiropractic care is used by numerous athletes all over the world to help improve and attain optimal performance.

Do chiropractors treat conditions apart from back pain?

Yes, Chiropractors undergo a vigorous curriculum and are able to diagnose and treat all parts of your body.  Our team at PCS Medical uses their expertise and knowledge to make sure you get the right treatment.

Is it safe to see a chiropractor if I’m pregnant?

Yes, patients who are pregnant will be able to receive the same reliable health care each and every patient of ours receives.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a health care discipline that works with people to help them realize and maintain their maximum potential in movement and function.

Can Physiotherapy help me?

Physiotherapist’s can help you in the prevention and management of many forms of dysfunction such as repetitive strain injuries, injuries incurred during work, motor vehicle injuries, sports injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation to name a few.

How does Physiotherapy work?

Physiotherapists develop a personalized treatment plan for each and every patient by utilizing their knowledge to help understand what is causing dysfunction and deciding the best treatment option to eradicate this dysfunction.

Do I need a referral from a doctor for Physiotherapy?

No, seeing your medical doctor is not necessary before seeing a physiotherapist.  However some private health care insurance providers require a physician’s note in order to reimburse you for your therapy. Our team is more than happy to take an in depth look at your specific situation.

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